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What is sotialize?

What is sotialize?

If you have an interest, we’ll show you who’s interested.Sotialize is a social networking site that brings people together based on their shared interests. It is a great place to share stuff, start conversations or just hang out and connect to people with similar interests. You can share images, or videos that are related to your topic of interest.

How Cool is It?

Its supercool - It’s where people like you will get to like you! It’s great to meet friends and friends of friends online, but is it not cooler to connect to people with shared interests and interact with them? Sign up with sotialize. It is a breeze to do so. You can in fact use your FB account to log in. On signing up you will be asked to choose topics that interest you- and based on these interests we will connect you to people who share similar interests. Sotialize is a platform that brings together communities with shared interests.

How to Sign up?

Interested in meeting people who share your interests, why- just sign up. Its free! You can sign up with your Facebook, Twitter or your email account for free. Click on 'Join sotialize' link on top of the page.

Is this thing Indian?

sotialize is a Global site that also showcases the Indian perspective to the World Choose from the option and collect and share stuff that is specifically Indian or Global.